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easyuni.com is an online higher education network that connects students and educators to each other. With easyuni, students are able to view college & university information, compare courses and teaching structures, connect with other students independently, view scholarship offers from local and international entities and even communicate directly with education counsellors.The solution is essentially a web based search, compare and form submission application with additional relevant information (tips, FAQ, web2.0 forums, scholarship information, etc.).The website will support the following functions:Student functions• Enabling students to search for relevant IHE’s based on several search criteria’s such as fees affordability, geographical location, areas of interest, courses, etc.• Enabling students to view selected short listed IHE’s in a table-like comparison chart.• Enable students to apply for chosen IHE with a click-of-a-button.• Enable students to receive email alerts to confirm delivery of application forms to the applied IHE.• Allow students to comment and share experiences via Web2.0 functionalities.
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